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Top 10 Museums in Chicago

Top 10 Museums in Chicago

Chicago is a lively city known for iconic buildings and ancient eras of rich cultural values, being home to several top-notch museums, each providing a distinctive fusion of culture, history, cuisine, and arts. This city has so much more to offer from diversified cultures to moral values and historical tales of the past. To experience cultural diversity and get a chance to know more about Chicago's history you must explore Chicago museums featuring amazing art collections from renowned artists and exhibit ancient artifacts and displays. Here are the top 10 Chicago museums recommendations that you must visit:

Field Museum

One of the most well-known museums in the world for natural art is the Field Museum Chicago. It is located just next to Chicago's famous soldier field football stadium. The ancient collection spans over 4 billion years, consisting of about 24 million great ancient artifacts. Additionally, visitors can visit the burial site from the past of Egypt to witness about 2 dozen mummies.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Since 1967, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has become the leading contemporary art institution for visual arts in the whole world. Their amazing art galleries showcase the different themes of art featuring pop art, minimalism, surrealism, and many more concerning the ancient collection of the post-war (World War II). Furthermore, both Jeff Koons and Frida Kahlo's first solo exhibitions took place at the museum, where among other artists, more than 2,000 objects in its collection are works by Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol. Don't miss out on the breathtakingly beautiful lakefront views featuring Lake Michigan and its epic staircase.

Art Institute of Chicago

One of the famous art museums in Chicago Downtown, with over 300,000 art pieces it is a must-see Chicago art museum showcasing amazing masterpieces by renowned artists like Edward Hopper, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, and Grant Wood. This museum with ancient architectural design was founded in 1879 and is known for withholding the largest art collection outside of the Louvre by impressionist and post-impressionists.

WNDR Museum

The modern design of WNDR Museum Chicago seeks major attractions in the town, playing with illusion, and is aesthetically appealing to the visitors. They feature exhibitions like Color Wave, try to Get Higher, WNDR Light Floor, Analog Digital, Dots Obsession, and AMES which is an excellent way of optimizing illusions and fascinating play for the visitors.

Their ambiance is family-friendly and yellow celestial bodies bearing black polka dots are a part of their interior as a peep-in installation offers an experience of observing the infinity.

Color Factory

The Color Factory Chicago is a one-of-a-kind museum offering a family-friendly space to enjoy a collection of immersive art exhibitions. They are also open for some fun family celebrations or a friend's trip to the museum which is both entertaining and knowledgeable. The interactive Museum Chicago offers a variety of interactive plays and sessions where you can discover your color horoscope, play with balls in the shades of green, play in raining confetti, experience the vibes of theatre, and enjoy interacting with other people. This museum keeps the visitors engaged and hooked to the interactive activities, which is why it's a must-visit museum. Additionally, this museum also offers some sweet treats to reward your presence and has some great public art displays around to fascinate visitors.

Ilinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

It is a unique science museum, located just outside the city boundaries in Skokie. This museum reflects the sensitive message where it showcases the harsh living circumstances that the Jews who were detained against their will had to go through, everything is documented through installations. A holographic representation is exhibited by the Auschwitz survivor which can be audible to the visitors.

National Museum of Mexican Art

It is a unique art museum in Chicago, showcasing the point of view of the Mexican community by voicing through their artworks. The National Museum of Mexican Art has become a vintage gem since it opened in 1982 when people were looking for some contemporary Mexican Art designs, this Museum has been accredited by the US to be known for being the first Latino Museum with its distinctive charm. This museum houses several art pieces from ancient times that are fascinating enough to take you back in time. Art has been used as an expression for voicing opinions among Mexican people which is reflected in the art pieces featured here.

Chicago Sports Museum

If you're a sports lover then this museum is a must-visit as it is one of the interactive museum Chicago where you can test your athletic skills by taking their exciting gaming tests and have a chance to know more about the local sports of Chicago city as it is an energetic and vibrant city exhibition, Chicago's unique memorabilia.

Moreover, you can enjoy a free entry to this museum if you buy something from Harry Caray.

American Writers Museum

This will be a dream come true moment for a writer to visit such a place. While exploring different Chicago museums, if you're a literary fan then you must visit the American Writers Museum, paying tribute to the hundreds of writers in America, and is aesthetically pleasing to visit. This museum also offers a unique way of contributing to the writing community where they allow everyone to sit behind the typewriter and make a continuous story of their own, where every visitor can contribute to a single story and it'll end up in a beautiful composition.

Chicago Cultural Center

This is a famous art museum in Chicago which is a treat for all the tourists interested in exploring the cultural diversity of Chicago. Whereas, the stained glass dome of Tiffany attracts tourists to visit the Chicago Cultural Center, offering a stunning display of artworks to marvel at and a classical music concert to compliment the cultural richness of the masterpieces being showcased in the Center.

The entry fee here is free of cost, allowing tourists to admire the beautiful artistic treasures and architecture has to offer in this art museum Chicago.

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