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10 Things To Do For a Couple's Getaway in Chicago

By Sara Branson, Posted on 29 Feb, 2024 at 02:07 pm

Things To Do in Chicago For Couples

Chicago is a lively city for embracing love and romance, offering many reasons to celebrate, either anniversary celebrations or first date nights everything becomes special when it comes to planning some romantic getaways to spend more time together. Explore some adventurous yet romantic things to do in Chicago for couples from intimate lunch to dinner cruising and helicopter ride with a wine in your hand, explore some of the crazy date ideas in Chicago that will surely make your day go wow!

Here's your guide to the top 10 fun things to do in Chicago for couples:


Take a Sunset Dinner Cruise:

Turn on your romantic mood with a fun date in Chicago, sail your love life through the beautiful sunset views, and recreate a Jack and Rose flying scene with a more beautiful and happier ending of course. It is a perfect spot to enjoy an open-air space beside the love of your life, soak in the beautiful hues of the sunset with soft music playing in the background and games to keep yourself engaged. Cruising with your partner while having a great dinner buffet is surely one of the best date night ideas in Chicago to consider.


Plan a Picnic Lunch Date with your Love:

One of the romantic things to do in Chicago is to plan a picnic around the riverside with a lover by your side. Grab something good from the restaurants in Chicago and take it along to a picnic spot as Chicago is full of natural scenic places where you can enjoy the tranquility of Lake Michigan and a mix of history and culture in the local food.


Couple Date in Chicago Helicopter Tour:

Looking for some fun date activities in Chicago? Get your head in the sky and enjoy your date in the most adventurous way possible. Thousands of feet above the sky just you and your partner without any noise as there is the noise canceling feature in the helicopter, comfy leather seats, a Bose sound system, and a cooperative pilot to fly your helicopter safely. Everything will just feel all right beside your partner while you take in the stunning scenic views from up above, a romantic helicopter date is everything you were longing for.


Dive In at Aire Ancient Baths:

Diving into an ancient spa experience is one of the most exciting things to do in Chicago for couples and it couldn't get any more romantic than you enjoy getting into Roman and Greek bath houses. You can choose the water temperature yourself either steaming hot or ice-cold, relax in there, and book some amazingly relaxing body treatments or couple massages to lose the knots and feel all relaxed while having your partner by your side.


Charter a Hot Tub Boat Together:

One of the most romantic things to do in Chicago is to charter a hot tub boat in the Chicago River and enjoy this cozy ride in an open-air space while experiencing love with your partner.

The unique hot tub boat is launched by a well-known Chicago Electric Boat Company that allows you to take a tour of beautiful downtown views while snacking and having a romantic date by your side.


Plan a Romantic Rooftop Date:

With beautifully decorated rooftop bars and restaurants, you can plan an aesthetically pleasing date with your partner to remember. Cindy's Rooftop restaurant is a perfect spot for it, whether you're planning a breakfast date, lunch date, or date night, you can enjoy a great time of your life.

The stunning lakefront views and lush green sceneries of the Millennium Park will surely be a breathtakingly beautiful date for her/him. This place is an ideal spot to have your intimate date with a menu to cater to your taste buds.


Propose With a Doughnut Ring:

If you're looking for some cool date ideas in Chicago for proposing, then there’s something that you can do, just the right vintage touch along with giving off old-school vibes but the cheesiest way to propose, that'll look straight out of a movie scene, where you put on a doughnut ring over her and taste the sweetness of love in the doughnuts.

It is suggested to try out Do-rite donuts, they'll be the best kind of treat for your taste buds. Just a one-of-a-kind fun date in Chicago to have a flavorful experience side by side.


Couple Goals at Rudolph Street:

If you're looking for some appealing date activities in Chicago, then Rudolph Street is something that you shouldn’t miss. The unique artsy street features a bunch of amazing eateries to cancel away your hunger pangs and provide you with a dreamy kind of spot for the perfect couple pictures to capture and stroll hand in hand together to explore around and spend some quality time together, it is a unique way of making your partner feel special.


Aesthetic Coffee Date:

A coffee date in one of the best coffee shops in Chicago is a cute way of spending time together. It is suggested to try the Ipsento coffee shop nestled in the heart of Wicker Park, which warmly welcomes you to a cozy space to sit and have a great time together. They have an extensive menu offering lattes, coffee, mochas, and many more options, whereas their Nutella mochas are a must-have to enjoy just a perfect blend of Nutella in your coffee.


Walk Through Chicago Winery for a Wine Tour:

Here's to bringing your date to the wine instead of bringing a wine to your date! The Chicago Winery has an extensive range of wines where you can dip into the world of wines. To know everything about wine, from winemaking to the different flavors, you can take a guided tour of the Chicago Winery and enjoy a wine-tasting experience with your partner.

This wine garden is a perfect space to doze off in the magical tastes of wines and enjoy as it is one of the ideal date night ideas Chicago.

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